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Project team

         Project manager: David McElvenny

         Instructional designer: Kath Ware

         Technical developer (website): Jim Vaughan

         Assistant technical developer (and voice-over artist): Alex Vaughan

         Quality assurance consultant: Giselle Mawer

         Industry coordinator: Gary Dunshea (MSA Industry Skills Council)

Financial contributions

This resource was largely funded by the Workplace English Language and Literacy Program, through the Department of Industry. However, due to the scale of the project and the provision of print-based and website resources, additional financial assistance was provided by the following organisations:

        Manufacturing Skills Australia (Industry Skills Council)

        Furnishing Industry Association of Australia

Technical Advisory Group


        Brad Holmes - Hunter TAFE

        Grant Cohen - Hunter TAFE

        Dean Brakell - Furnishing Industry Association of Australia

        Rob Cole - Furnishing Industry Association of Australia

        Warren Peters - South West Sydney Institute of TAFE

        Sean Greening - South West Sydney Institute of TAFE


        Martin Jud - Canberra Institute of Technology


        Bryon Stanley - Furnishing Teacher's Advisory Group (VIC, SA, TAS)

        Richard Brooks - Cabinet Makers and Designers Association

        Simon Hampton - Wodonga TAFE

        John Simpson - Holmesglen TAFE

        Lee Hill - Holmesglen TAFE


        Stephen Kirkman - Skills Institute Tasmania


        Rob McAdam - Skills TECH Australia

        Brad Buhse - Skills TECH Australia

        Roberto Viola - Gold Coast Institute of TAFE

        Lin Parkes - Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE

    South Australia

        John Holst - Marleston TAFE

        Dean Hart - Mt Gambier TAFE

        Martin Videon - Furnishing Industry Association of Australia

    Northern Territory

        Hermann Oltrop - Charles Darwin University

    Western Australia

        Garry Michels - Polytechnic West

        Keith Campbell - Polytechnic West

        Adrian Boyling - Polytechnic West

        David Boaden - Polytechnic West

        Lorenzo Procopio - South West Institute of Technology


        Laurie Kruize - Housing Industry Association

Content material

The content material has been drawn for Training notes provided by the reviewers and advisors listed above, plus the following publications:

        ANTA, ABC and TAFE learner guides.


All photos were taken by David McElvenny. We would like to thank the following companies for allowing us to take photos of their installers and workshop employees, and for generously providing technical advice:

Canobolas Kitchen Designs

Flair Kitchens

Danson's Kitchens and Joinery              

Lamtex Innovative Furniture

Fewings Joinery

Stateline Cabinets

B&B Joinery

Ian McConnell Constructions

Krauss Kitchens

Many photos have been taken from the shared resources on the Flooring technology website, also developed by Workspace Training, funded by the WELL Program